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Leih Loves her Wu-chan

But so does Treize...damn him....*shakes fist*

An Angel's Death
23 October
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Name: Ashley
Nickname: Lee, BB, Leih, Queen of Cheese
Birthday: October 23
Hair color: Brown, but I'm getting it dyed red with black streaks! Squee! ^.^ *excited*
Eye color: Green/blue/gray...it changes often. >>
Pets: a kitty and two doggies. Oswald the brim had to be let go. *sniffs*
Family: Mom, Dad, and few other relatives.
State: Colorado but orginally from Louisiana. w00t! ^0^
Hobbies: Icon making, drawing, video games, and writing
Food: Strawberry and Chocolate Pocky.
Drink: Coke and Pepsi.
Animal: Kittens! XD
Anime: Chobits, Vampire Princess Miyu, ect. ect.
Movies: Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Spirited Away, PotC
Book: The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley and Harry Potter
Game: All Final Fanatasy games, Xenosaga, DMC, ect.
Manga: Hana Yori Dango, Vampire Princess Miyu, Parakiss, ect.
Color: black and red.


Aeris Gainsborough, KOS-MOS, Vincent Valentine, Fred and George Weasley.


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clearlessand some others that I'm too lazy to post. >>;;

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Date Created:2003-08-18
Number of Posts: 47

Leih is a strange girl with mental issues. She has a strange fixation on Aerith Gainsborough and KOS-MOS. Her favorite thing to do is draw even though she knows that she can't. Everyone likes the drawing anyway. ^.^
Strengths: Friendly, cheerful, helpful, can write stories
Weaknesses: can't draw, has bad eating habits, can make people sad, insane, random, bad eyesight
Special Skills: The Long Boring Talk of DOOM!, Swiss Cheese Dance, Tornado Spin
Weapons: Toothbrush, screwdriver, a pencil, a lightbulb
Motto: Keep your pants ON!

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